Photography Studio Sydney CBD

A Photography Studio in the Sydney CBD to Suit Your Unique Needs

Are you looking for a photography studio in the Sydney CBD? Studio Commercial is here to provide all you need when it comes to commercial and product photography. We offer a range of services designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of Professional Advertising Photographers

Good design matters. That’s why today’s companies are increasing their marketing budgets to include a social media presence, banner ads, brochures, and other advertising applications that rely on quality photography. Here are a few of the reasons that you might want to hire a Sydney photography studio to handle your commercial photography needs.

  • To increase your brand awareness. Quality images have the power to create a lasting impression on your prospective customers, which may mean a boost in overall sales. Consistently creative photos can also help build brand awareness over time. Conversely, amateur images can make your company seem, well, amateur.
  • Professional equipment and software. Professional photographers don’t seem to know the meaning of the phrase “packing light.” You may have noticed that photographers tend to travel with a large assortment of equipment, including tripods, special lenses, lighting packages, and more. This equipment is essential – as great as smartphones are, a professional camera in the right hands will outshine it every time.
  • Experience and an artistic eye. The best camera in the world is only as good as the photographer using it. As with any industry, good photographers excel through both natural talent and industry experience. Both contribute to the composition of the image, including lighting, angles, movement, and more.

Related Services We Provide for Commercial Photography in Sydney

At Studio Commercial, we offer a range of photography services, including:

  • Food Photography. Good food photography relies on the experience, knowledge, and passion of the photographer. Our team of food stylists know how to make your product stand out. Our photographers have worked on location in various setups, from small kitchens to large food factories.
  • Editorial photography. Organising a photoshoot can feel like you’re trying to herd cats. We take the stress out of your editorial photography with a deadline-oriented approach, a focus on knowing your audience, and spending time getting to know your brand and your layout requirements. 
  • Fashion photography. Let us bring your clothing to life with our professional fashion photography services. We’ve got a photographer to suit every style, and we’ll study your brand to ensure that we have an accurate feel for the image you want to put forth. We can organise a photoshoot with many different looks, listening to your needs and delivering just what you need without missing a beat.

About Studio Commercial

If you’re in the market for studio hire in Sydney, Studio Commercial can help. We are a product photography studio with a team of photographers experienced in a range of industries and with many different people with a variety of goals. We are a passionate group of artists offering advertising, fashion, editorial, product, and corporate photography. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure that we provide the best experience and results. When you need high-quality, professional photography, contact Studio Commercial.